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We take our pizza craft seriously so by the time it gets to you, it’s one big lovefest. So grab a loved one, friend, or make a new one. That’s the power of pizza at work! We started with traditional methods like a century-old doughmaker, sprinkled in a pizza robot to get our pies to the people, and we keep things FATTT*. Yep, with an extra T. That’s our truth with some cheese on it.

Flavor, Appearance, Taste, Texture and Temperature. That’s FATTT.

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Once upon a not-as-cheese-filled time, Lee Kindell and partner Nancy Gambin owned and operated a hostel in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Needing a pandemic pivot, this delicious adventure started with a simple belief: there’s no better way to share love, hope, and ideas than around food. One dedicated pizza fever dream and a 500-square feet lovefest of a space in West Seattle later, MOTO was born!

MOTO Milestones
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Pleasing tummies and Mother Earth at the same time.

We love our Earth as much as we love making pizza lovers happy. Following European food recycling practices allows 1% of our dough to be repurposed, and 80% of our produce is either self-grown, foraged, or from hydroponic farms. When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, we can always get better. So we’ll continue to test new ways and methods to make it happen.

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As people-focused pizza people, we’re proud to partner with some of the best forest foragers, herb and produce growers, pepperoni distributors, pizza robot builders, fine artists, bold soda creators, and bartender trainers anywhere. Can partners be soul mates? Signs point to yes.

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